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RE: Smart Car



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Monday 25th October 2004
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Nice to see so many people sharing my enthusiasm for the Smart. I took it to the garage the other day and the bloke tells me the gearbox needs changing. He says Smart doesn't have the bearings, just the complete gearbox. Does anyone know anything about this story? Also, I was told this gearbox problem is intrinsic to the Smart, that at around 70k km it's fit for the skip.
I have to admit I sort of knew it'd go that way, driving the way I do and with ninety percent of my travel done on the motorway between Italy and France. The habit of not wanting to drop below a hundred or so (otherwise you're lorry fodder) forced me to use the fifth a lot on the steeper gradients. Punishing. Tomorrow is its last day on the road, at least with my ensigns on it. I'd love to get another one but I'd be afraid it'd go the same way and it was rather an expensive toy all told.
Have fun fellas!


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Tuesday 26th October 2004
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For some reason I'd love to get a Smart and go mental modifying it to full on bling standard. Christ knows why, as I'm not like that normally, but I think it cries out for some over the top modification, if only from a humour point of view. Surely someone somewhere has gone nutty on one of these things?


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Wednesday 27th October 2004
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"Even worse, you have no idea how far you've turned the wheels until you set off-at which point you could easily find yourself heading towards the bumper of something large and unyielding."

Should you be driving??!!!


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Tuesday 2nd November 2004
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Did you guys see fifth gear where they slammed an early LHD smart into a concrete barrier?

I wouldnt like to do that with my smart (or any car), but its good to know it's a tough cookie.



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Saturday 22nd October 2005
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Just making my first Posting on Piston Heads... Nice to see some recognisable names in here... This first posting is a defo plussss for the little Smart car... Scoff as some people may... if the sight of my smart raises the corners of peoples mouths a little bit, then.... in this sometimes dreary world I figure, it's worth its weight in gold... My Precious!