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TVR Boss Cerbera BossCerbera
TVR Last Cerbera RayVonn, philcerb
TVR Cerbera 4.0 FarEastender, ajcj, warpig, Buffoon, Daveyee, CiderwithCerbie, plug, Peppe, kevin63, tdr, TVR_CS, Quentin1, Bollycerb, natben
TVR Cerbera 4.2 TobyLerone, Philisonislandae, chriswindows, mhickling, mikethebike1127, bandit, Jhonno, futie, TouchingCloth, M3John, BLUETHUNDER, Amazon, B11OCX, MXI933, Cerbfan, smokinv8, central, HarryW, tvr1432, crazymatelot, Voodoo13(Sold), Erich Stahler, edhorne, Byker28i, Brogenville (sold), Olly, VERMINATOR, paul.a, PeteCerb, Allandwf, Malx, Gibson007, PaulK, CurlyKen, mgaut, kojak, Cerberowner, Jonnie5, mannkork, TheFarmer, Cooky, johnnyd, Cyclone1, Demondad, mark.rowe, newberry, Toadusmodus, The Nige, volospia, bmartinswheels, hadescerb, D1ckie, liliana, ukcerb (Sold), L5DYJ, Ireland, mikeinsheffield, DuncanM, skidoo, Sibby, xia245, Buba, tvrgit, billy no brakes, MALAM, Extra 300 Driver, reliant_fr, kwosimodo, Gray_101, Mike_Cerb99, hawkeye1922, redeye, tejr, Marto303 (sold), bouldster, sim shane, sweeper, MattMoss, robsco (sold), APB_V8, Geo, petelem, Warwick67, mcw543, TVdinneR, Jimm218, BHardy, tom_loughlin, john-hb17b, R44DOR, Vee8ight, Camel_Landy, central, Clive Reed, m60ddy, Tonksie355, pjnixon, Tarmacshredder, N7GTX, XIA245, m16kcy, THE AJP CHIMAERA, Richiebhoy, CerbWill, Alpinestars, mikeufo, Flatdash, domp500, K33LER, OutlawFlat4, tangerinedream, Juddder, So Called (Sold), , Efftee, TwinKam, G Cressey, Chimp871, EWee2013, PW555, kzh, CQ8, Dogster
TVR Cerbera 4.5 Dusktilldawn82, Onzlouk, Joyceyboy, Cacatous, DonnyMac (Sold to steviejasp), ARTVR, FUBAR, BossCerbera,, GrahamN, BCA (sold to djstevec), pjac67, Optimax Sniffer, Voodoo13 (Sold), Chuggaboom, markh1, nicholas blair , Dave_M, Fex2005, Nefarious, Davetherave1970, Scrooloose, BackHomeP, T8RUS now sold , Humsing, Sir Beerah, Cyclone1, BlueCerbera, Cerb999, alinton, RZD, Mr Tank, cooldudeoli, ramuellert, hoc, itiejim, Poledriver, Rufus Roughcut, Mike Blake, JensenA, .Mark, Flashheart, tvrcos, Nigelbs1, ACT, brakedust, steviejasp, The preacher, StefT, Phil Dicky, Luckyone, Fudgenudger, shoggyraminator, Mr Cerbera, djstevec, PABTVR, jonlcerb, gusbo, tuscan no 7, grovest, SL500, Chas88, MaccaTVR, UKKid35, browrz, MRS_T, womea, TvrJohn, Supateg], jamieduff1981, Snake278, tvrtuscans, c6erb, Rochester TVR, 20vet00, bigd1877, geeeman, steve320ise, SharkFodder, r8black, Seppele, Wolvesboy, egilkv, Revvit, AndrewV8, TIIVRS, Ulrich, ianwayne (sold), tejr
TVR Cerbera 4.5LW Ian@TorqueRVT, Morebeanz, Timmy2TARs, NickCCC (sold to theFrog), big_treacle, SimonKD, mr spectraflair, Mad Mark, chris willy, Stumpyalan, cerbdog, Dave 500, Voodoo13 (Now Sold), Greeny, FarmyardPants, Mr Tank, markjo, Dirty Boy, AL 123, Marpug, Mikepenney, Pursyluv(Now Sold), adamwj, PetrolEd, pottman, ttmr (sold to sjc1969), jackwibble, pmessling, Gringoloco, Tang Soo Tim, MoonMonkey, vipernick, Zebedee34, wazadaza, MattPlaneCrank
TVR Cerbera 4.7 Red Rose NuddyRap
TVR Cerbera 5.0 ff5317
TVR Cerbera Speed Six 4.0 JohnBear SP6, YKB, WorAl, andymartin88, rustybkts, G20RG B, 5MUG, andydw, dracula20000, DAVEY DEE, Jubes, Tomej, f1SERB, Dazza N , cerbera8, DJR 7, RPE11Y, R44DOR, Tiny78, Dunc6001, kstearn, Stuntboy51, JensW, Corpulent Tosser, incognegro, Griff Tuscan, tfnash, ginkent, Moycie, Ordwood, doug.lang, , sTeVeRn, PhilH42, DCerebrate
TVR Cerbera Speed Six 4.0 FFF DWix, Stunned Monkey
TVR Cerbera 4.5 RR (mod) The_Edge, dean_ratpac
TVR Cerbera 4.5LW RR C3BER, Grass Widow, lost boys, AllezWasps, aide, Jabbah, Greenracing, mike horne
TVR Cerbera 4.7 AJP Engined Road Car jackwibble, Tanguero, Gruffalo
TVR Cerbera 4.7 AJP Engined Race Car 4.7
TVR Cerbera 5.7 Ltr LS Teabag daz
TVR Cerbera [Top Cats] 7erbera, sonnylad, AJP70
TVR Cerbera 6.0 Steve Heath LS engine conversion flyingdutchie
TVR Cerbera 7.0 LS Topcats Conversion Ltj1