RHD 365 GT4 2+2

RHD 365 GT4 2+2



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Sunday 22nd September 2002
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Just found an interesting German ad on the net. Ted, please delete this thread if it's misplaced

I'm not related to the vendor, but I think it's a bargain, esp. for the UK market, as it is RHD and seems to be originally registered in the UK.

The ad can be found here:


Features translated:

Price โ‚ฌ14,500 equals GBP9,200-ish
magnolia interior, A/C, not driven for eight years, engine runs tidy, alloy wheels with central locking

Vendor's postcode looks Bavarian


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Monday 23rd September 2002
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I know it sounds cheap but that's the going rate for these cars Bodo. They've suffered from being V12, 2+2 and not a particularly pretty design. Did look into one of these cars as a daily driver but they're not for the mechanically inept(like me).