Corvette C8 or R8 V10 ?

Corvette C8 or R8 V10 ?



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Tuesday 14th January
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PompeyReece said:
Trev450 said:
Sorry Reece but ZeroGroundZero is spot on with his understanding.

The car does have a RWD feel to it but with stock suspension geo it will understeer when pushed. If this is unaceptable, dialing in a more track-focused set up will certainly help. Alternatively, RWD conversion kits are available for under a £1K.
Ta for the clarification Trev
You are most welcome Reece. biggrin

Raven Flyer

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Tuesday 14th January
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ZeroGroundZero said:
One question about the R8's 4WD system, do I understand it correctly to be a 80%-20% rear-front bias in normal drive. With mechanical LSDs (front and rear) to prevent power sapping away at an unloaded wheel? And then if an entire axel loses traction, the system can send a maximum of 35% to the front? (for the Gen 1 R8) Meaning that it will always have a RWD 'feel' to the set up?
(Be nice if that was the case, but hoping some of you guys know the score on this)

When being used playfully, it feels very RWD biased. It's not something I do often but on a cross country trip this weekend, on wet/muddy country lanes, I found the car can be put into controllable oversteer quite easily. The AWD system makes this very controllable and progress out of bends always feels predictable and fast. If the car were driven aggressively on track, I would imagine it is a seriously good experience.

The only downside is the screaming girlfriend.