Mondial โ€“ a REAL Ferrari?

Mondial โ€“ a REAL Ferrari?



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Thursday 17th October 2002
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Have to say that if we're talking that much wedge on one car it'd have to be a 288GTO. And this is on topic too: I've seen pictures of 308s for sale which have body kit from the 288GTO (which of course was a development of the 308/328). While many of us may have strong opinions about body kit, this is one example where the end result is truly gorgeous- 288GTO looks and 308 running costs (& RHD) almost makes sense.


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Thursday 17th October 2002
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Well said - 288GTO = most beautiful car of the modern(ish) era. Stunning, bl00dy quick 'interesting' handling No depreciation, super-rare. Go-on you know you want to.....


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Thursday 17th October 2002
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Why does nobody like the F50?

The magazine produced by Autocar for the Enzo did a back-to-back test of all the "super" Ferraris including: 288GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo. They made some interesting points.

We all know that the GTO and F40 are Ferrari masterpieces, but why didn't the F50 catch on.

Some say it's because of its styling: Well, I happen to think it looks bloody fantastic. I'd even stick my neck out and say it looks a dam sight better than the Enzo(On paper anyway!!!).

Other's may have been disappointed that it wasn't a true F1 car for the road: Get real, we all know that it would be impossible to produce an F1 car for the road. Perhaps Ferrari/Press/whoever made this comparison killed the car off before it had a chance.

Autocar concluded that the people who slate the F50 are the ones that have never driven it!!! After all, it has all the right credentials: V12, 500+bhp, 0-60 in a nats whisker over 3secs, 200+mph etc etc. Why shouldn't it be considered an all time classic.

They also went on to say that if the F40 had never been produced, then the F50 would have heralded as the greatest Ferrari of all time.

I'd happily have one tomorrow, and Manu: Respect is due!!!!! I can't believe your trying to talk Kev into purchasing one.


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Thursday 17th October 2002
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Poor old Mondial. It got marked down on looks vs the GTBs but it was a real Ferrari, ideal for people who simply had to have more than two seats. Now a good buy in comparison to its mates.

I don't mind making a fool of myself (even here...) so my best Mondial memory goes like this. Maranello decided to have an open day at Gleneagles - brought the entire range - those of us who did the demo runs simply hopped from car to car as necessary.

Took father and son out in Mondial - no acceleration in 1st gear. Instant panic. Several hundrd yards later father quietly murmered "erm, it would probably be a bit better with the handbrake off". Bloody thing was off - or was it? Penny dropped far too late to save dignity - it had one of those trick drop-down handbrakes - totally foxed me!

After the demo (?) they ordered a Mondial without hesitation....

For the record, 308GTB was superb. Used as an everyday hack and three times to south of Austria without the slightest hitch - most dependable Ferrari I ever had. Running costs remarkably low.


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Thursday 17th October 2002
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Manu, are you on commission on what? We've already found one for 13K, so why are you trying to charge Kevin 285K?

Now, being realistic, I'd say the 308/328 with the 288GTO kit is the way to go. Being honest, this is what I want to do in a while too. I think the 288GTO is one amazing looking beast. Although in one way I would know its not the real thing, and that would always be a bit of a downer, but I don't think I am the type of guy that would give a real 288 the attention it deserves (355 doesn't get it either, Manu is witness to that). So a kit that looked real would do me. I am not bothered about the way it drives either. I wouldn't rinse a real 288 so its just as well.

BTW, Manu the accolade of pervert is well and truly yours. I think a certain conversation you, ajay and I had is testament to that .


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Thursday 17th October 2002
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The phrase 'sheep in wolf's clothing' springs to mind.
Relatively speaking, of course (very fast sheep).