Your views on the TVR T350?

Your views on the TVR T350?



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Friday 14th March 2003
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Just being nosey - don't mind me

TVR's newest product - the T350 - IMHO is one fantastic looking car. Very very purposeful, with all the right ingredients.

Chances are it's going to be compared directly with the 360 in all the magazine reviews, motoring programs etc.

So, just out of curiosity, I was wondering what you, the Ferrari owners, thought of it?


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Friday 14th March 2003
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A lot of us here are ex TVR or still have TVR owners ....T350 is a grreat looking animal (apart from the rear and I think it is too shunted at the rear design wise....... interior is gorgeous (as usual) but my big problem with these new engined TVR's is reliability.....I have had a few TVR's and they have been generally very good and incredibly exciting - but the quality is just so different in build (so it should be i suppose with a 60k odd gap) - but you GET a 60k difference.....i would be interested most with the TVR's handling as with every TVR i have had factory set up has always left handling a little to be desired....the set up on the ferrari is superb.... my old cerbie would sh*t all over the 355 - but put in a couple of twists and turns and the difference is amazing.......still love TVR's though cos they are so affordable and balls out ...... gotta love PW (except don't love the 6 speed still !!)