MOT needed urgently, Hampton, Egham, Windsor areas

MOT needed urgently, Hampton, Egham, Windsor areas



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Monday 17th March 2003
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oops, MOT ran out last Thursday so want/ need to get one done tomorrow (Tuesday).

I'm sure there was a thread on here with a recommendation for a garage in Old Windsor? I'm preferably looking for one that can a) do it tomororw and b) is known and won't think their ships come in at the opportunitiy to thrash/ trash my 355

any offers?



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Tuesday 18th March 2003
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Just had a look at one of my MOT certificates and the stamp on it is from:
Egham MOT Centre
2-10 Pond Road
Egham TW20 8BJ

When you take your car in to Maranellos, they don't do the MOT, they send it to this garage. They see loads of Ferrari so shouldn't take the piss.