Independent specialist - Manu (Scuderia Systems)

Independent specialist - Manu (Scuderia Systems)



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Thursday 31st July 2003
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Hi all,

Just thought I would post a good experience I recently had with one of the many specialists around.
I have no financial interest in the company mind you - just thought it was worth a mention.

My 360 recently starting playing up with some strange exhaust noises and a distinct lack of power as it turns out. I initially got on the phone to Manu having recently had a Tubi fitted...
Manu, always prepared to assist pointed me in the direction of Verdi and told me to see Karl who probably would find the fault elsewhere. i.e. not the Tubi. When I arrived at Verdi, Manu's colleague was at hand to assist also. Thanks guys!

Initially Karl felt it was the 'air flow meters' and a reset of the electronics that was needed.
However, it turned out to be one of the cam variators being faulty after some time trying to diagnose.

What a difference - I picked up the car last night.
As usual it was spotless both inside and out - clearly Verdi had someone spend hours cleaning it.

I take my hat off to Verdi - it may not be a glass fronted showroom with a miniskirt receptionist - but these guys know what they are doing. My car has never been as quick as this - clearly Ferrari in Belgium (left hand drive) didn't spot any faults at a recent cam-belt service - it took the boys at Verdi to sort it out eventually - and boy did they get it right!

And another thing. Turning up one Saturday around mid day I found all the mechanics in front of the telly watching F1 qualifying - clearly they have their priorities right!

I will not hesitate using Verdi in the future.



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Thursday 31st July 2003
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Couldn't agree more Brian. On the recommendations of Manu & Ajay I have started using them as well and have been equally impressed by the speed with which they identify problems, plus their general knowledge of the cars. They are also very customer focused ( gave me lunch last week ! ) and take great care with your pride & joy.