help on a 348 please

help on a 348 please



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Wednesday 3rd April 2002
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i have been looking at 348s can anyone give me some
pointers on what to look for.
and how many miles are the engines good for

i dont want to get stuck with a load of cr@p
but i have a tight budget
thanx in advance....


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Thursday 4th April 2002
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As long as they are properly maintained (particularly with regard to cambelt changes) there shouldn't be any major problems.

I was told to check 1st & 2nd gear engage properly and bodyworkwise to check the rear buttresses (where the rear wings join the rear window pillar) for signs of rust/bubbling.

There are lots of specialists out there who can give you pointers. QV automotive in Ascot have an online advice service (sorry haven't got website to hand).

Be careful of buying on a budget, particularly an older car as you may be buying problems.

I looked at about 20 before I bought mine, lots were very tatty and all drove a bit differently.

Good luck.