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Thursday 18th April 2002
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The Murcielago was a great dissappointment to me. I had high hopes Lamb could shame the ferrari barn properly with a light weight, curvy and powerfull design. Sure you see these cars in person and they are overwelming: width, heighth, exhaust but still not on par with the great cars of the past. TVR and lotus have proven awsome body's CAN be drawn. It's always incredible to see these cars in person even when they are horrible looking.


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Friday 19th April 2002
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the only way i can truly oppose this design is to say that it isn't an instantly gorgeous car. Oh, everyone complained about the murcielago... remember those dreadful first official pics of the yellow car that made all the edges stand out instead of showing the more coherent overall form? Wait on it. This car will be a shocker, I'm sure. I remember reading a letter in car and driver about the pagani zonda from a reader who hadn't seen the car prior to that article and said, That it must have been the work of the pontiac aztek's braintrust after having been fired from gm. it is truly terrible that so many people jump on the "fugly" wagon before actually seeing the car. check out for a higher res pic. There's beauty in there, but no, it isn't a jaguar r coupe either.

So do you think the Porker Cayene is going to look better in the er, flesh i am sure the FX will when (if) you ever see one look totally stunning


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Sunday 21st April 2002
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Ugliest Ferrari yet...


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Sunday 21st April 2002
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There's a load more pictures here


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Monday 22nd April 2002
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Interesting. The pics of the red car are entirely different from the pics of the black car...not the same body.

Makes one wonder if indeed the F-60 final body styling has been seen yet.

Oh, and neither set of pics looks at all like the concept drawings posted below.

If the red pics are final, then this looks like a baaaaad kit car project.

Mad Mike


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Tuesday 23rd April 2002
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COULD DO WITH CHANGING THE lights and back end. yes it's not a stunner but it's shaped like that to go faster. i rather have an Aston Martin Vanquish any day


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Monday 29th April 2002
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I think the whole of Italy has gone mad. All there cars seem to have nasty sharp lines and over fussy detail and truly terrible proportions. Personally I prefer the Hyundai coupe to the Ferrari, at least the Hyundai has a bit of style and not just a fancy engine.


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Wednesday 22nd May 2002
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Cant believe all of you dislikig the F50. The FX isnt too bad. Its not meant to be drivers cars. Its purely designed for speed.
Although, im not sure why they have based the chassis on the 512 TR.


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Saturday 25th May 2002
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A family friend ordered two a little while ago. Being one of Ferrari's very best customers I asked him if he had seen the final car and he said...................................................................NO! NUTS! I was sure he'd have some shots from Ferrari of the F60 after buying two.