RE: jondokic's Ferrari 456GT

RE: jondokic's Ferrari 456GT



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Friday 31st May 2002
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Would really like to compare how your car sounds with a Tubi vs mine with a Koenig. Particularly at high revs!


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Friday 31st May 2002
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Benno, like you say the depreciation won't be an issue. It's not like they'll be going for 30k in a few years! Does it feel as fast as the porsche though? Doesn't it weigh 1900kgs (!) ?


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Saturday 1st June 2002
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Benno - no problem about your Tubi mate. No-one should be made to wait and I understand that you have to have it on for Le Mans.
It will be interesting to see how the two 456GTs measure up in sound terms. I feel a a scientific experiment coming on!

Kevin/Ninja and anyone else going to the Lytton Arms tomorrow - SEE YA THERE!