Chateau Impney Hillclimb.

Chateau Impney Hillclimb.



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Sunday 14th July 2019
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Not that long back and what a great event, I was there for both days displaying my mini in the mini parking area, (the supercharged 8 port if anyone saw it), and thoroughly enjoyed it, just a bit knackered now and I expect I'll be worse tomorrow! Its a four hour drive back..


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Friday 10th January
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... just seen on Social Media that 2019 is the last hillclimb and it won't be happening in 2020... seems a shame...


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Friday 10th January
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Just got an email confirming that too.

Shame as was on my list of events to visit but never made it there.

Any idea why it’s stopped. Seemed to attract a decent crowd.


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Friday 10th January
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Having watched highlights, was subscribed to emails to get early tickets this year.


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Friday 10th January
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There's stuff about "the next chapter" on their social media. Maybe the cancellation is a red herring and there planning something bigger?


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Friday 10th January
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Wow, I went for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was certainly intending to go again.


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Saturday 11th January
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Yes, we’ve been for the past few years and it seemed to be getting better and better, and was well attended (both competitors and visitors). What a shame. I hope it will make a return in the future! Thank you to the organisers for the previous events.