Land's End to Ness Point, midsummers evening 2019

Land's End to Ness Point, midsummers evening 2019



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Wednesday 17th June
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blaineuk said:
We did it last year, but and didn’t have a hotel, iit was just too much, 1000 miles in less than 24hours, never again.
I've done it 3 times and never used a hotel. Manchester > Lands end > Lowestoft > Manchester. It's about 1050 miles off the top of my head.

The drive down and the run is alright, but that drive back from Lowestoft is a massive drag.

I still have nightmares from a couple of years ago me and my mate trying not to fall asleep in a maccies god knows where in Lincolnshire while pouring coffee down our necks at about 5.30am. At that point we would probably struggle to know what year it was!

The flatness of the east, grey dawn, no traffic, and being awake for 20 hours and 800 miles under my belt did not make for very alert driving.

Other than that it's a brilliant run, good fun. The timings are very easy and even with no planning and a fuel stop arriving at 4am is easy, especially now as I believe the overnight closure of the M3 has finished. I've been thinking of extra ways to make it more challenging, doing it on a motorbike, or see what is the slowest car that can manage it. The former is definitely a no-go without a hotel.

If you've not done it before it's a good laugh (especially if there's lots of people doing it), and a wonderful way of spending a summer evening.


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Saturday 20th June
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I second the above - I did it 3 years ago in the Porsche and it was a fantastic drive and the timing was doable, even with no planning at all! To anyone who's doing it tonight, good luck and don't get caught! driving

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Saturday 20th June
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I won't be there this year, but did it a couple of years ago. Still good memories of that night.

I have to say, I found the timing 'tight'. I had my good lady with me and wasn't prepared to go mad. We lost time at the start, with slow drivers and road works, but once at Penzance we were away. Still made it - again thanks to Dave the motorcycle out-rider on the run in to Lowestoft!

Go the 'proper' route along the A303.

Take care and good luck.