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I have found only a couple of mentions of this service using the forum search.

It appears to be mainly a way to hire a car one-way for £1. Most of the cars are hire cars that have been hired in one place and dropped off in another, and which the hire company wants to return to their original hire location. The hire company pays a higher fee but the actual driver only pays £1.

However it is also possible as a private user to use the site to move your own car. In other words, you pay the site (say) £150 and they hire your car to someone for £1 and that someone takes your car to the destination you specify. They pay for fuel, tolls, etc. the site supposedly provides fully comp insurance up to £60k.

Obviously I can see lots of potential problems here but I wondered if anybody here has actually had real experience of this? I would like to use my old XJ in Italy next year but prefer not to have to drive it all the way there as it is two days and an overnight stop.