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Events/Show Calendars



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Thursday 18th March
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Now then Comrades,

One of my Lockdown Resolutions is to make the effort to attend more events and shows this summer.

I often open PH/Twitter/Instagrams on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and read about events I knew nothing about, and perhaps could have attended.

Where's the best place to keep an eye on for listings? I notice the PH event calendar is totally empty.

I'd just be attending as a spectator, so all categories/genres/cliques are welcome.


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Monday 22nd March
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I've been trying to find some information as well but when I post on various forums . . . . . . nothing!

I've got a E36 so wanted to go to a BMW or retro car show.
Only ones I can find which aren't miles away are at Santa Pod in June.

They've got some other events as well as just drag racing.

Found this site


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Monday 22nd March
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For classic shows I find this site quite handy


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Sunday 28th March
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Same here, often see the aftermath of meets I knew nothing about.


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Tuesday 30th March
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I keep an eye on Facebook suggested events and Carhuddle.

Zed 44

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Thursday 8th April
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Helmingham Hall 1st August
Culford car show 18th July
Stody Hall car show 30th May
Suffolk car show 28th August
Lavenham car show 29th August
Toothil car show 7th August
Tiptree Motorfest 26-27th June

Hope this helps.thumbup