Anyone installed an XKR engine/tranny into a pre-1980's car?

Anyone installed an XKR engine/tranny into a pre-1980's car?



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Have gotten a 1956 Jag XK140 FHC minus engine and transmission.
It previously had a Ford 302ci / 5L engine with auto transmission, so the car is set up for this, in regards to eng/trans mounts. Otherwise, the car is stripped.

We have a cheap Jag XKR with 80,000 miles in the area (4.2L supercharged with 6spd AT) and could transplant it into the XK140 -- this would at least give a nod toward keeping it within the marque.

HOWEVER, while I'm sure I could solve any problems in regards to physically fitting the eng/trans into the car, I am worried about what I am hearing about the numerous sensors and black boxes that are all tied together in a complex mess of technical stuff, all held together with a set of two ignition keys. It sounds like the hardest part would be figuring out the computer controls, or making them work??
(Now, I am simply repeating the warnings I have heard from others, although I have no basis to confirm their expertise OR their sincerity.)

So, has anyone done this type of transplant -- or know of a source where I can find more information? (BTW, Beacham in NewZealand does an XKR transformation to classic XK150's and 140's, but they do this for profit, so I have little confidence that they will reveal trade secrets....

I welcome any perspectives as to how do-able this would be?

BTW, not interested in how important it is to keep the car "original" -- it's already modified too much to spend the money to bring it back to original (dual circuit master cylinder, automatic trans shifter in place with pedal, IDIDIT steering column, custom ordered rack and pinion steering with power steering pump setup, etc.)