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Quick question - be gentle PistonHeads.

I (think I) understand how to tune/remap an engine at a medium level (MBE on Caterham and DTE on S/C bike engine.) These were both unlocked ECUs with their manufacturer software.

I also get the OBD guys who use available software (Alientech) and generic maps they pay for to give a standard(ish) tune.

If you set up your own tuning business to provide bespoke tuning on “normal cars/ECUs” then do you need to use licensed software and pay (does this exist) or somehow break/crack the password? If so what packages are used?
Or do you just pick a good standalone ECU brand and offer that?
Finally can you edit the maps you download for OBD so can use them as a base and then modify. Again what software.

I just want to research stuff for interest.