Rover 4.5 - how long will it last

Rover 4.5 - how long will it last



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Thursday 10th October 2002
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This is a good size V8 (R98) what type of milage should you get from one of these, what is the record.

Mine now has 40k on the clock and still feels very strong and tight. Want to know when I should upgrade to a lower milage one to avoid a major expense of an engine rebuild?


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Thursday 10th October 2002
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Regular oil + filter changes should see it doing big miles with not too much problem. I've a mate with a V8 landy (3.9) and its got 180K miles on it. That includes towing a two horse box and various other high strain stuff.
He changes his oil (uses Magnatec) every 3 - 4k miles.

can't think the TVR mods would make it any less mechanically reliable. Indeed, I thought they used even higher spec cranks/bearings etc.
Cams do wear, but again, this can be kept to a minimum by regular oil changes etc.
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Thursday 17th October 2002
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You would be very unlucky to have to rebuild a stock 4.6 (which is basically what the TVR one is) at anything less than 80,000 infact should last well over 100,000, yes you may have cam wear before that, as these cars are driven at higher revs than most RV8 applications. in any case cams are still getting better so the od replacement isn't always a bad thing, and doesn't qualify as engine rebuilding.
For general use the 4.6 is the best of the lot!!!