996 Turbo Engine Rebuild

996 Turbo Engine Rebuild



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Saturday 29th May
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Evoluzione said:
I knew someone would bite at that laugh
The turbo engine is more reliable than the N/A, but then the car is double the price.
The rest of the car is amazingly piss poor for such an (originally) expensive piece of kit, they're £15k now for a good reason.
The failures are on a par with a £2k MX5, but with 8x the cost.
Can you point me in the direction of 15k 996Ts, as there are 106 for sale on PH & AT and the cheapest one is 29k?
I think they mean that a non turbo 996 is £15k which is a 996 turbo without the turbo bits. The 996 is not 15k due to poor quality though, it is due to masses being built and then a reputation for engine faliures. They will be like the 964 which was a cheap 911 as everyone said they leaked oil….those things have been fixed now and the values are going mad.

I think they like to type things to make people bite…..

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Sunday 6th June
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Caddyshack said:
VERY few Metzger engines have needed a rebuild. I would just get someone to seal up any leaks and get back at it.
It's not unheard of for the glued together water pipes in the turbo engine to leak though.