Cat P0420 Fiesta 1.0 3cyl

Cat P0420 Fiesta 1.0 3cyl



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Friday 26th November 2021
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I've got the lovely P0420 code, I know this is related to the catalytic converter and associated sensors.

The car is a 2015 Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost with ~80'000 miles.

I've had two missions tests since I purchased the car at each MOT:

First one 2500rpm, CO, 0.0% HC, 7ppm, Lam 1.002
First one idle, CO, 0.0%.

Second one 2500rpm, CO, 0.19% HC, 81ppm, Lam 1.021
Second one idle, CO, 0.30%.

It's 1% below fail limit of CO for the emissions test.

I've been quoted £600-1100 to replace the cat. Is this something I can replace myself? I'm apprehensive on spending that amount if it is something that I can do. If not, fair enough, but I like to do work myself where I can.

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Used cataclean, light went off. I've driven 350miles since the light went off and it's back on this morning with P0420.

Off to the garage it goes!

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