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Monday 28th April 2003
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anyone seen/heard about this before? i was thinking about it for the griff and range rover (one for performance, the other for mpg). could something like this make a difference or is it all rubbish


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Monday 28th April 2003
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Noooooooooo! No. NO!

Adding more air to an already measured fuelair charge = leaning out. OK if you have a shagged rich running carb (Although its still a kludge). But performance? Doubt it does any more to aid combustion than the swirl and squish engineered into 'performance engines'.

In any case, power is greater with slightly richer than stoichometric fuel to air, so how would adding more air do anything other than encourage detonation?



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Monday 28th April 2003
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More from the stables of the "magical Ecotec".
Smoke and mirrors dear boy, smoke and mirrors....dont fall for the blurb.
The only way youll get any extra power or fuel mileage would be to take the bloody thing off!
Hope this helps you to make an Informed choice!!


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Tuesday 29th April 2003
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I bought one in. Made no difference to anything.

Got more MPG by using Optimax believe it or not.

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