MGB ignition timing.

MGB ignition timing.



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Tuesday 16th September 2003
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I'm too tight to buy a manual, does any one know (or can read from the manual) how many degrees ignition timing is on a mgb 1.8 if I want to use unleaded and what should the points gap be? bout 25 thou?


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Friday 3rd October 2003
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IIRC it's been a few years
static 6 btdc for unleaded 8 for leaded
.64mm i used to do mine visually just make sure the gap is not to small or it will run like a dog remember to lubricate lobs on spindle or the points will close up. hope that helps


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Saturday 18th October 2003
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The plugs gap should be about 25 thou, the points 12-15 thou. Timing: start around 8btdc, find a hill where you can floor it in 4th at around 35mph without accelerating very much. If it pinks under those conditions, back it off a tad; if it doesn't, bring it forward until it's just about to.


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Saturday 18th October 2003
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