Thoughts on this car - Maserati GT

Thoughts on this car - Maserati GT



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Friday 28th February 2020
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WCZ said:
jakesmith said:
I bought mine for £29k and traded it for £18.5k after 2 years having spent £3.5k on maintenance that hadn’t even included a service.

Don’t think because they’re cheep they won’t depreciate. I wasn’t including depreciation in my £2k a year.
intresting, makes the most sense to buy one at around £19-20k as that seems to be the bottom of the market then
That's what I thought when I bought one for £29k!


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Monday 2nd March 2020
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Like all cars they only depreciate when you come to sell them! I've a 4.7 auto and love it. Had it for 4 years now. Hoping to keep it forever or until petrol is no longer available.