Cheap GranSport, anyone know this car?

Cheap GranSport, anyone know this car?



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Wednesday 3rd June
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Guys, anyone know this car - Maserati GranSport reg “EIG 17”?

Seen it for sale here:

Really tempted to bid — price is only at £14k, and it’s a Limited Edition model! I’m guessing it‘s cheap because of the mileage, but it’s low owners and looks like it’s been seriously well maintained (The Ferrari Centre).



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Friday 26th June
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Sold for £16.5k - still cheap, even with the high miles. Didnt look the best underneath, and not the most desirable colour, but they're awesome cars and great value at the moment.

Although the auction page said it was a Limited Edition, it wasn't as Maserati didnt launch the Limited Edition until much later.


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Saturday 27th June
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A dealer has got this one up for £25000 with 24k mileage, bearing in mind the dealer has got to give some sort of warranty, likely to be driven down on the price as well, which makes me think it's not worth not using the car to keep the mileage down on these cars, providing you keep a bit away from 6 figures on the odometer you might as well use and enjoy your car.