Focus ST illuminated scuff plates

Focus ST illuminated scuff plates



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Wednesday 13th May 2015
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Ladies & Gents

I have been reviewing a problem with the illuminated scuff plates on the 2014 Focus ST were the lights are not working on the plates I made a discovery today and found the source of the problem.

I have an Focus ST 2014 and after about a month of purchase I noticed the lights on the passenger door scuff plate was not working. so i went on a search to fix the problem, after looking for DIY videos and reading through hundreds of forums thinking it was a fuse or faulty strip i decided to take a look myself before i took it back to the dealership to get it fixed under warranty.

This is what i discovered

Pull the rubber door seal off around that area and you will notice a LED light Cable strip.
you will need to remove the plastic cover plate just inside the door and lift the carpet in that area, you will find the end of the LED light cable strip and a small black push plug mine was disconnect push this back together and hey presto LIGHTS ON all of the plastic trims & rubber seals just simply push back into place

So if anyone is experiencing the same problem try this first took me about 5 mins to locate the plug and 2 mins to replace all trims and seals

Good luck Guys