Fuchs Titan SuperSyn 10w60

Fuchs Titan SuperSyn 10w60



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Wednesday 23rd October 2019
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I haven't read about anyone here using this oil in their V8V. I didn't really have a choice because right where I live, 10w60 is a rarity and the only online shop I found sells fuchs. I took one expert's advice that as long as the weight is right it should be OK and in fact it was better than OK. I tend to change the oil more frequently because the weather is really hot and my driving is really aggressive. Doing so in dealer's Castrol makes it black in less than 5000k. As for the Fuchs, it is still pink and holding much better.

I tried to smuggle two 5 litres liqui moly in my checked luggage to try it next but thanks to Manchester Airport security, I failed.

I heard it is also better than Castrols but Fuchs are surely great

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Wednesday 23rd October 2019
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My M-B main dealer used Fuchs at the last service.

Had never heard of them before, even though they have been around since 1931.

Volkswagen moved some of their business from Castrol to Fuchs a couple of years ago.


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Wednesday 23rd October 2019
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Fuchs is very high quality oil. The Titan fully synth is proper synthetic esters and give very high protection levels.
I've seen forum posts by engine builders where they have commented on the lack of wear in engines that have been run on this oil when they have been taken apart.

I've used it for years in many different cars at different grades. I've also used Millers Nanodrive which gets great reviews too.


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Thursday 24th October 2019
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Used this in my high power GTR. Highly recommended by OPIE oils, certainly a few years ago, as one of the best oils on the market.