Type-R induction kits

Type-R induction kits


s2 giles

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Monday 17th June 2002
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Hi Folks

I usually spend time on the S'Series forum but just had a look at the list and found you..

Anyway, I am becomming tempted by an induction kit, primarily for added noise factor and perhaps slightly more kick....are they any good, which is best for the type-r's ?

I have the daddy of Type-R's......the 2.2 Accord



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Monday 17th June 2002
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I can't comment on performance for a type-r but if you thought the thing was loud before then an induction kit will take it up a few decibels.

An open cone will give a scary raspy roar while an enclosed cone like my bmc will give a deap throat growl.


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Monday 17th June 2002
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Look on www.honda-r.org for a thread.
The open cones just suck warm air in, so give better airflow but due to the warmer air gives only the same BHP.
Go for one of the enclosed cones.


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Friday 20th September 2002
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You may want to try www.invoauto.co.uk

They do a filter called the iceman or something.

It is a cold air filter direct into throttle body and is around 150.

I am thinking of getting one for my "daddy" type-r.

The guy to contact is Tommy Fung on 07831 579043