2019 Jap Import advice

2019 Jap Import advice



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Tuesday 26th March 2019
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J-Tuner said:
... I had a Dyno graph emailed through to me the other week showing i had a very healthy 395BHP on standard boost hehe That in itself is worth a lot in my opinion given a RB rebuild will be probably in excess of 4k if i threw a rod on the way home!
any pics? what model skyline is it?

mikey k

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Saturday 18th April
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Just found this thread after deciding a JDM import was a good idea.
Am I right in thinking VED is still lower on them?


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Saturday 18th April
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Usually yep, most are registered as PLG.

My DC5 integra was £270 a year road tax and my Toyota bB is only £155!


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Tuesday 28th April
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just looking into importing a car, looked at the likes of argyl and TGT to do this for me but came across Banzai Motors Ltd in another post a few days ago anyone know owt about them whether ther good bad or what and such?


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Wednesday 29th April
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Never heard of them, you'd be better sticking with some of the more well known importers

Their website looks pretty basic and as the fees for most of these companies are (relatively) low, you might as well go with someone with a good rep in my opinion, especially if you dont import often


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Friday 3rd July
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My mate runs firstchoice car imports. Ive had 5 through him.
He charges a flate fee