Dc5 to gt86

Dc5 to gt86



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Saturday 27th June 2020
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Anyone made the move from a Dc5 integra to the gt86? Considering the gt86 but wondering if I would regret it, I have owned the teg for about 4 years now and still love it, I moved from a E36 which I loved to an E46 which I never gelled with (electronic throttle, car felt heavy and just a bit boring generally) to the teg which is always an event to drive feeling light and generally like an over sized go kart!

Probably the only downside to the teg for me is at times the lsd can feel to aggressive if you are on any thing but smooth roads and it is coming up to 20 years old now and considering something a bit more modern.

Another consideration is the BMW m235, but expect this may feel like a even more refined, quicker version of the E46 330 that I didn't like lol

I know the answer is to get a good test drive in the gt86 but just wanted some opinions from people that have made the switch.

I know the engine in the gt86 will never be as special as the k20, but will the gt86 be enough of an event to drive that I won't be missing the teg I think is my question.

Any comments appreciated cheers

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Saturday 27th June 2020
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Amazing how good the DC5 looks considering its age! Not sure but isn't the Teg lighter and more powerful + vtec yo of course!



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Saturday 27th June 2020
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I went from an EP3 Civic (not a DC5 admitidaly ) to a GT86 and can't say I regret it. I miss the K20 but not as much as I thought I would. To me the GT86 feels much more of an event to drive and the driving position is great. The engine is definitely the weak point of the car but it's not stopped me enjoying it yet and there are always options for more power if you wish


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Saturday 27th June 2020
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haven't done your switch, but i do have an 86 alongside other cars. the 86 is not a really comfortable daily nor is it a delicate lightweight, it sits between both and is one reason why it's not so popular imo. as i run several cars i value it for that small niche it occupies: old school rwd dynamic fun that's also usable. try to get a long test drive to really feel it, the fizz from the k20 isn't there but the chassis is sublime, all wrapped up in some comfort with great seats. it might take more than 20mins to get that. so, it's not the best sports car (Elise), it's not fast and not the most comfortable. had it for 6 yrs and keeping it though...


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Sunday 5th July 2020
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I have owned both. The gt86 is nowhere near as good in my opinion. The main issue is the engine in the 86, it is very dull in comparison to the K20. Also if you stick a standard gt86 on a rolling road you will find it is actually making around 180bhp so will actually be around 40bhp down on a standard dc5.

The gt86 does handle well, but I think the dc5 handled better, but that is more subjective as one is fwd and the other rwd.

In a nutshell, I will never buy another gt86, but I would buy another dc5.