Evo VIII !!!

Evo VIII !!!



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Friday 4th October 2002
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Any thoughts? Seems to address the problem of the VII looking less aggressive than the VI. Rumours also persist about it being available in a 230bhp 'Subaru WRX' level with a price to match.

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Sunday 13th October 2002
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Thoughts? Yeah, I can't afford one.



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Monday 14th October 2002
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The EVO, in it's various incarnations, certainly latterly, probably offered/offers the rawest thrills of any road vehicle this side of the Caterham/Radical/Westfield brigade.

It simply catapults you beyond physics. Nothing, absolutely nothing can live with it in the dry. Not much in the wet either.

And how many 2.0 litre engines exist that can reasonably be expected to cope with power extractions as high as 440bhp and not explode?

Sublime steering makes this still, to date, the very best vehicle I have ever driven/owned. And if I didn't value life so much, I'd still have the bugger.

Insane value but fer-rightning.


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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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I am a performance car exporter in Japan and have also been following the EVO VIII issue.

Looks like the new 300ZX is taking away the steam out of EVO VIII extravaganza but the folks here are also expecting for the hot one to come.

However, it seems to me that there are not much public interest in EVO VII yet in Japan, compared to the previous EVOs. I have a friend in Mitsubishi headquarter with the same opinion. That is perhapas because the latest EVO VII is still very popular with top performance.

Still, we shall eagerly await for the latest rocket from Mitsubishi. Will keep you updated.


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Saturday 2nd November 2002
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sorry, still don't think its (visually) a patch on the evo 6