Honda CRV rust issues

Honda CRV rust issues



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Tuesday 20th October 2020
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Contemplating getting myself back into a Honda with a mk3 CRV (probably the 2l petrol). As ever with Honda you don't expect any real mechanical issues but having done a few MOT history checks on cars for sale I'm noticing quite a few with advisories and failures for rust. What's concerning is the areas mentioned. Mainly rear seatbelt anchorage points via the rear wheel arch and suspension mounting areas.

Is rust a known issue with these?


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Tuesday 20th October 2020
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I do hope not having just bought a 16 reg.

I did see an advisory on one I was interested in and put it down to maybe surface rust and the mot guy covering his *rse but if near seatbelt fixings that would certainly be something to worry about.

I've had a look round on google and some of the forums but not come across anything.
Hopefully just a few rogues?

Keep us posted and hope you find a good one as I love mine so far.