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Honda breakers



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Wednesday 21st October
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Not very sporty I know but I've had my fill of TVR and Porsche maintenance and running costs (for now... eek) and picked up an old Honda Legend for a bit of wafting about.

I could do with some bits of trim and maybe an air con compressor (not a rush for that at the moment) but they seem hard to come by. Not a big seller apparently. I've been in touch with Charles Trent who say they don't stock stuff that old. It's a 1996 KA9 Legend, not an antique, well not yet anyway. smile Fleabay seems to have plenty of stuff for the Mk 2, and the Mk 4, but not the Mk3 (KA9). rolleyes

I've tried 247spares, Partsgateway and those sites where they contact you, apparently, but nothing available.

Can anybody recommend specialist Honda car breakers, specifically for the Honda Legend if they exist?

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Wednesday 21st October
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At the start of the year, I got a K24A3 engine for an Accord from a bloke in Birmingham who breaks Hondas - Mainly Civics, so not sure if he'd have any bits for a Legend.