What's HOT in Japan

What's HOT in Japan



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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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I am an exporter of Japanese highperformance vehicles such as; Lancer EVO, Impreza STi, RX-7, Skyline GT-R, etc. Anyone interested in owning any of these, please drop me a note. I can export your favorite model.


It seems like the hot topic in Tokyo is a brand new 300ZX. There are 5 or 6 of them displayed in the front yard of a Nissan headquarter in Tokyo attracting many spectators every day. Although the latest model doesnot come with a turbo, the new engine seems to be getting a fine rating from the critics. The most attractive thing about this 300ZX is, it is much cheaper than a previous one. My friend being a historcial enthusiast of 300ZX, bought one and is going to wait 4 months for the delivery.

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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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Are you referring to "old" Z32s (300ZX) or the new 350Z?


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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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Hate to be rude Bab but why the hell would anyone want to do business with you when your contact address is a hotmail account?


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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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picture ?


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Tuesday 15th October 2002
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Please - wire me 25,000 immediately and I will ship a brilliant Japanese car to you. Honest.

Dear sir, I am writing to you from exile in nooneheardofthisland in Africa, but I have $30,000,000 hidden in bank accounts and I need your help.

Ahhhh. Just the cynic in me?

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Thursday 17th October 2002
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i e-mailed this bloke about a few cars to see what he had on offer, he did send a few pictures of different cars and they looked ok, but ONLY OK. the e-mail was a brief discrption of himself.

Hello my friend,

Hope I can clarify some of your questions. Since I am writing this e-mail from my laptop in a restaraunt, I cannot make overseas calls, unfortunately.

I am based in Japan close to Tokyo. I am not a used car dealer of any sort and have a job in an IT firm, but my main source of income is rather in stock trading than my monthly paycheck. I have dealers reporting their stock periodically so that I can contact my potential customers for their interest.

A deposit is required to secure the car at 25% of the value of the car to bring it off the market. When the receipt of full funds is confirmed, I ask my dealer to ship it to the dock for export paperwork and ship loading. However, in your case, I would encourage to
send the funds in full. Transferring funds internationally is quite time and money consuming. The handling fee charged at bank is quite disgusting. If you are very positive that you want the car, I will
negotiate with my dealer to bring it off the market. If you can send the full fund in say like a week or two, I don't think my dealer will argue on losing potential buyers. The VAT is also included in my price, All you have to do is just sit back and wait for the car to arrive. The major paperwork will be done on my side to export but I will have to ask for your cooperation on the import side. But basically,
the price I am quoting should take the car to your home and registered.

Please expect approximately two months for the car to arrive. It takes 40days alone on the sea!! Another couple of weeks is required for export process, customs clearing, SVA/MOT. I bought a
new BMW early this year and waited for two months but I sort of enjoyed the time.

Hope I am answering your questions.

i think i am right in saying


Edited coz i have fat fingers.

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Friday 18th October 2002
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Bab you are 'avin a larff, takes me back to me youth in Souf Londen, somebodies always trying to fleece ya


edited to say I thought that bikinis made from material no thicker than a tailors measuring tape was the latest thing in japan, or am I just sad (no need to reply to that one peeps )

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