Skylines: GTR32, GTR33 or GTR34

Skylines: GTR32, GTR33 or GTR34



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Friday 25th October 2002
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Just out of interest, no intention of getting one just yet, but what are the relative merits of the Skyline GTR series. They seem awesome cars, even more awesome is the Nismo 400R i think.


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Wednesday 30th October 2002
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Theyre a very fast car, both on a track and drag.

Every successive model got heavier so even thought theyre cheaper my favourite is the R32. Its still no featherweight though at over 1400kg.

In NZ at least theyre getting pretty cheap for an R32. Theres alot of wannabe GTS-ts around though


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Saturday 2nd November 2002
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damn gtst's are everywhere...and none of them ever want to play with rex


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Saturday 2nd November 2002
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Having tootled in quite a few, the later cars are where it's at, IMHO.

Yes, Nismology confers even higher levels of greatness upon the beast and despite the somewhat dodgy rap, along with the EVO VII, one of the finest value seek and destroy vessels ever designed.

A mate has an R34 V-spec with Stage 3 Nismo or something which puts out around 500bhp. It's the only car that I'd simply wave at were I beetling.