2016 X1 F48 Tyres & Warranty - of interest other models too?

2016 X1 F48 Tyres & Warranty - of interest other models too?



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Wednesday 3rd March
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OE tyres were Pirelli P7 NON runflats 18". When worn out P7 no longer made so switched to PZero.

Whilst under 3yr warranty Sytner BMW said we could only fit these or Bridgestones (I HATE Bridgestones) as only these two are star marked. Nothing else star marked for 18" non runflats. Car is now under extended warranty with Allianz (BMW scheme).

Yesterday we were 100 miles away (viewing houses as allowed) when the X1 had its 8th Pirelli puncture in 2 yrs. Waited 5 hours to be recovered to tyre dealer who had the correct, star marked, PZeros.

So I phoned Sytner this morning and again they said only BMW star marked tyres could be fitted.

I also asked about a space saver, which does exist (see: https://f48.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t... ) but service guy wasn't sure it existed so I await a call from their

Then I phoned BMW GB who put me through to warranty claims (Allianz) and the chap there said so long as all four tyres are the same make/model and fit spec i.e. 225/50 18 99W we could fit whatever we wanted. I pressed him on a theoretical 4WD claim "caused by non-star marked tyres" and he said they would only check the correct size and spec, not if it had a star mark.
He's emailing confirmation of this.

Sytner have previously told me I CAN fit different star marked brands/models to different axles under the 3yr warranty but must be star marked.
Allianz are saying same on all 4 wheels (which makes sense anyhow) but anything goes if in spec.

I'd still want to get a space saver until the plasticine PZero are worn out, or puncture (more likely). My X1 has the large open boot space as shown in the last post of the bimmer thread linked to above which is weird if it's for a spacesaver but useful if I can buy one with a jack/brace.

Also, when I looked for non runflats three years ago there were no good options, only cheapies, but now Michelin (notably PS4) and Goodyear have some to offer: https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres-225-50-18-9...

I'll post the Allianz email when/if received!

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Wednesday 3rd March
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I'd be very wary if I were you. I'm currently having my own issues with the Allianz warranty as they want to void it due their being an immobiliser on the car which is classed as a modification. Anything that has been changed from BMW's approved specification would void it apparently. I'm guessing a different tyre brand and rating will be classed as a different bmw spec.

Get it in writing from them that having a different tyre brand and rating will not invalidate the warranty. That should have you covered.


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Wednesday 3rd March
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I‘ve always been warned of sticking with * marked tires with X drive ;albeit never by Allianz. I’ve seen the reports on failed transmissions. BMW . Michelin . Pirelli made the recommendations.

But feel for you re : an immobiliser. You’re just protecting the car. I’ve never found Allianz at all pedantic , but it would put me off extending warranty.