3 Series E92 tyre wear

3 Series E92 tyre wear



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Friday 18th June
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I’ve gone through 2 driver side run flats in less that 10,000 miles.
The car started to be difficult to drive and veered to the right (probably explains the tyre wear) but a geometric setup highlighted a need for new ball joints.
Now BMW say I need other changes in the steering department because the thread adjustment when fitting the ball joints is not the same.
I assume this is accident damage that BMW originally missed but 2 years ago now.
Does anybody have a good diagram of the front end of the 3 series E92 M-Sport as I’d like to understand what they think needs replacing. One new tyre has turned into £1700.

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Sunday 20th June
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You should be able to pull up the diagrams for your car on realoem:


What else did they say needs replacing?