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Does the Viper still excite?

Does the Viper still excite?



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Thursday 21st September
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I've owned my Viper GTS since 2001 and in that time there have been massive advances in car performance. Once a bona fide supercar the Viper now sits alongside many executive cars in the performance stakes. Driving the Viper used to create some drama but nowadays it almost seems tame. Maybe I'm just used to the acceleration, the noise and the unique handling characteristics. Do other owners still find their Vipers as exciting to drive as they used to?


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Thursday 21st September
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When I first got mine 2 1/2 years ago I would drive it just for the sake of it - short shopping trips, taking round to show mates, or just getting in it and driving aimlessly with no destination in mind when I had any spare time.

Now I don't feel the need to drive it all the time, and use it maybe once a week - this way it still feels special when I take it out.

Technology has moved on so fast, 510bhp doesn't sound that impressive when I take it shows and park next to more modern stuff. It certainly attracts many fans though, as they have a certain mystique - many people have never seen one apart from on computer games/Magazines/TV etc

It doesn't feel fast anymore, but the figures are still impressive (sub 4 seconds to 60 if they are to be believed) I only appreciate the power of the Viper when I drive my 'slow' car (2003 Mustang GT)

Question is what do you replace them with? For me, the only thing for the same sort of money would be a C7 Corvette. An F-Type would be another alternative, but they are just too plentiful and I like something a little 'different'.


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Thursday 21st September
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censored yea, its a dodge viper, it stands out like a sore thumb and i for one dont stop grinning every time i get in it.


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Friday 22nd September
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There is absolutely nothing out there in the market that comes anywhere near the Value of the viper and that also includes servicing costs to,

I love my car, and associate it with all the le mans winning Vipers.
There is Nothing better out there in the market for ME.


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Saturday 23rd September
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My Gen 4 SRT10 puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it. smile A great world wide club of friendly like minded people.

Change for another car..... no thanks.


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Saturday 23rd September
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My 09 ACR is great fun .. I've owned it for just 2 years and still look in the garage to see its mine..

Great world wide community as well