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Does the Viper still excite?

Does the Viper still excite?



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Monday 27th November 2017
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The concept of the Viper still excites me… but maybe I’m just one of those folk who are better suited to a stupidly big engine, a stick shift and rear wheel drive.


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Monday 27th November 2017
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Great wright up Ginga.....

Mopar or No Car as they say..

This is my 4th Viper now and still gets me every time I go out..

This is a keeper now Gen IV ACR Hardcore


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Wednesday 29th November 2017
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Sunday 7th January
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Who the hell would want one of these! Just turned 18 years old.


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Tuesday 9th January
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Interesting thread as I had mine brand new in 97, so launch colours etc. I sold it just 5 years ago with 5800 miles on and totally original and only caught out in the rain once.

I've been deliberating whether to buy it back, It hasn't turned a wheel in that time and it's still in my name.

I don't know, when it was launched it absolutely blew me away, such a gorgeous looking car, now I'm not so sure, just a 90's icon