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Monday 23rd April
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Today it's 3 years exactly since I got my dream car

Pics from the day I picked it up from the dealer, and safely home after my 50 mile drive back

So far, its been cheap motoring.

Insurance has been £300-400 per year
Tax circa £240 per year
MOT £40 per year

Parts bought

Battery £99
Oil cooler lines £200
Wiper blades £70
Blower motor & resistor £120
Rear tyres £190 x 2
Front tyres £165 x 2
Fog light £90
Rear Handbrake pads £100
Front bumper repaint £350
Oil & filter £80 x 3
Gearbox & axle oil change £70

Add on 9000 miles of fuel (roughly £3,000?) and I reckon it's cost me £7k for 3 years fun.

Depreciation in the cars value so far? Probably Zero smile


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Thursday 26th April
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Great stuff .... Glad your still enjoying the Viper .

They are great value for money and very little if any depreciation


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Friday 27th April
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Still enjoying it very much smile

Over the same period of time our Alfa Giulietta 1.6 diesel has lost at least £7k in depreciation, plus all associated running costs

........I'll see if I can persuade my wife to get a 2nd Viper as a replacement as they are much cheaper to run smile

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Thursday 10th May
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Absolute beauty of a motor... Glad you're still enjoying her three years on!