2020 Viper..



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Friday 25th May
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Ive heard rumours of a 426 Hemi which sounds about right for 550 BHP

Could be interesting.

This or the new Corvette C8 Mid Engine hmm..

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Saturday 26th May
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The V10 is a core part of the Viper. Let it RIP if to resurrect it means some frankinstine creation with less hp and something else's soul.

Dodge go build something crazy electric and call it a Mamba as a nod to it's carbon eating predecessor rather than this.

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Monday 28th May
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Wow, really is dead around here lately,


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Friday 1st June
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I remember the good ol' days when the Viper performance figures could win any "Top Trumps" contest but 550hp won't cut the mustard nowadays. Even 700hp is starting to look tame by modern standards. The Viper should be a car that shouts big numbers and if it can't then it is not worth building a modest version.


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Saturday 2nd June
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