Black 2000 GTS

Black 2000 GTS



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Wednesday 29th August 2018
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I've seen this for sale on carandclassic. Does it belong to anyone on here ? Or does anyone know the car ? It's a black 2000 GTS with white stripes. One owner car apparently. Only 2 pics on the ad and not much info. I'm kinda looking at owning a GTS again after I sold mine a little over 2 years ago. ( sold in Sweden).


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Saturday 1st September 2018
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No idea, but thats cheap for a GTS!
DO YOUR RESEARCH, Carfax, Drivers door build sticker date of manufacture, HPI etc....

Dead Stock engine bay, PS 2 Tyres, Love it thumbup


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Saturday 1st September 2018
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Stripes are silver, there never was factory white stripes on a black GTS


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Sunday 2nd September 2018
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I think the owner of that car sometimes posts on hear. If it is the same one i believe its a very well maintained and looked after car and hes spent a fair bit of cash on it during his ownership..I'm sure if he was contacted he'd send unlimited pictures and info...