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As D and E are essentially the same which puts it on a par with A but has the advantage of a big number of Vipers in the same convoy into silverstone we are going with that. See this thread for final details/discussion


Sunday 20th April 2008

Meeting time & place to be arranged:

Possible routes would be something like this, I have added a column to indicate if you have a preference for the meeting place/route. Majority will rule but we can try and accommodate picking up odds and sods on route if alternate routing isn’t too far out of the way.

A) Meet J3 M3, head up the A322-A329, M4 to maidenhead, A404 to High Wycombe, M40 – Silverstone 1h30 mins
B) Meet J3 M3, head up the A322-A329, M4 to the A34, meet any coming up the A34 and head up A34 to the M40 and Silverstone 1hour 40 mins plus chatting time at A34
C) Meet J14 M25, M25-M40- Silverstone 1 hour
D) Meet J14 M25, M25 - M1 - Meet everyone else at Toddington then on to Silverstone (NOT COMING HOME ON M1)
E) Meet at Toddington Services
f) chicken run hehe Very funny tom.

name Route I'm keen and want to be there for 9AM I'm a lazy bugger and 10 will do
# ViperDave A - -
# RT/10Dave A or D - -
# Xyyman A,C - -
# BigViper A or D - -
# mstanyer (now Ginja) A or C - smile
# Neilsfishing - I am on junction 1 M40 so a phone call and i can meet on route -
# Phil E A or D or E - -
# Zed A / B / C thumbup -
# V1PER Baz E blah -
# Viper kev E blah -
# acrman E -
#VENOM500 F late

get there 9am ish?

Votes so Far:

A = 7
E = 4
C = 3
D = 3
B = 1

Times to arrive at Silverstone:

10am: Ginja - I'll go with the majority vote.
9am: Everyone else?
tom wont be sober enough