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Woodbridge track day video - Caterham R400 v Atom

Woodbridge track day video - Caterham R400 v Atom


Cool Hand Luke

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Tuesday 17th April 2012
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I can't stick with 300 bhp and slick tyres! Gave it a go though.

I'm off to Lydd next Sat. I'll bring some slicks with me this time in case any of you annoyingly quick atoms rock up. Or maybe I need an Atom.



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Tuesday 17th April 2012
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Nice driving, glad i sold my caterham and got an atom, hehehehe. Both super cars. I realy do think the atom is the next step for the caterham owner. There are a few in the atom club who were previous caterham owners


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Tuesday 17th April 2012
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I'm another ex Caterham owner, albeit only a 130bhp 1700 Superspint.

The Atom is a big step up.


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Wednesday 18th April 2012
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My caterham was a roadsport 150' my atom is a 2/160 so a small step but a lot quicker than the 150. My next step will be an atom 3/245 a nice progresion


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Thursday 10th May 2012
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I've had an R400 and an Atom 3 245 - the Atom is the only car i have sold, that i REALLY miss.

Fortunately I've got a new 300 just about finished at the factory! Roll on collection day!


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Tuesday 29th May 2012
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Quite a few of us Atom owners have Atoms because we can't fit in Caterhams (too tall). Kind of glad I don't as I would not be without an Atom now!


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Wednesday 5th September 2012
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Hi Luke,

I've just bought a Caterham with an 1800 Zetec and found your video excellent inspiration as I'm due to do a track day at Woodbridge on the 21st of October.

I was wondering does your car have a straight cut box and do you have an LSD in it?

I only ask because we have a noisy horrible straight cut box but no LSD and I'm convinced an LSD will be on the shopping list! But also if you don't have a straight cut box then we don't need one either as we are only running 180BHP.

That probably reads all over the place but I hope it makes a small amount of sense!!



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Friday 14th September 2012
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Great quality vid. TBH it looked more like you had 210bhp and slick tyres and the Atom has 300bhp and raod tyres. You were really quick in the corners but got blown away on the straights.