Let's all go to Donnington!

Let's all go to Donnington!


Bruce Fielding

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Friday 15th November 2002
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If Rob's going to Donnington, shall we make it an Atom Owners meet? Depends on work and the weather, of course, but it might be fun...

If you know any other owners, let them know, too (and of course about this forum as well) and we'll see what response we get...


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Monday 18th November 2002
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I'm tempted although my Atom's petrol tank is still in the front room awaiting refitting (which isn't particularly easy thanks to the bloody coolant pipes passing undeneath it).

Might see about popping down in the Honda though.

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Tuesday 19th November 2002
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Just had to cancel chaps for reasons above and beyond control. Arse. Weather forecast was shit though, a small consolation.