A separate ICE question

A separate ICE question



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Friday 11th January
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Pioneer or Alpine is where my money would go but its not worth spending big as its a waste of time in a chim!


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Belle427 said:
Pioneer or Alpine is where my money would go but its not worth spending big as its a waste of time in a chim!
Agreed , repeat Pioneer user here , but my Chim wears a Kenwood POS single CD head unit for the reason ...... sound quality wasted in these cars , usually radio only when stuck in slow moving traffic frown


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A Sony cdx f7500 is a good second hand unit to buy off eBay. Loads available.
The 4v pre-out version is the cdx f7750.


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So i did fork out for a new Alpine unit, a CDE193BT i think. It matches the existing wiring and went in with minimal swearing/fiberglass wounds. As a bonus the radio now works, but was better when i had it out of the dash testing, so i'll need to see if the aerial lead is compromised. CD and aux all good, phone connected and calls all made.......so a happy bunny.

Only had 1 alarm immobilizer issue from disconnecting the battery and not having the keys with me upon re connection, but the dash does not want to go back in quite the same space......bit of a gap i think against the screen scuttle.........and that was a faff!


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I think you will find that the reception issue is down to the crap aerial fitted in TVRs. Everyone has the same problem with FM reception.

So either install, or get installed, a new far better aerial, which costs money, or try one of the free Radio player apps on your smart phone, bluetoothed to the head unit.

I tried the TVR aerial with my four year old Sony head unit, ok on start up, but appalling distortion on moving the car (as different from engine based interference).
iphone radio player app won hands down - crystal clear reception while blatting around my local country lanes, despite relying on mobile phone masts.