Oct 19 - Modern Classics Magazine

Oct 19 - Modern Classics Magazine



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Tuesday 10th September
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The new October issue of Modern Classics has a 25 page Tuscan S/Esprit Sport 350/DB7 Vantage comparison road test report. Worth a browse next time you're in WH Smiths.

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Thursday 12th September
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Copy landed curtesy of Mr Postman last week and the article is a very good read. Not surprised at the outcome to be honest. They review the handling as near comparable to the Lotus. I've never driven an Esprit which is widely considered one of the best handling cars of recent times.

It just goes to show that now most TVR's are well sorted, they make so much sense to own these days.


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Thursday 12th September
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Considering the Esprit is mid-engined, that is praise! I would presume the Tuscan wasn't on the standard original suspension? smile


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Thursday 12th September
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That's my old Tuscan S - PX'ed it for a T350c in April after 9 years of ownership. Well pleased to see it in the magazine and at how well it fared against the other two. It is set up on Nitrons and new Goodyear Asymmetric 3's always had good road manners.

Great car and I do miss it in some respects but am really hooked on the T350 especially as it was specced at the factory with the 4.0S engine and brakes.