compact charger earthing point

compact charger earthing point


Andy JB

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Wednesday 11th September
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having just purchased a compact jump starter charger 800a 18000mah it requires an earth point, which in my chimaera near the battery doesn't readily present itself in the footwell within reach

anyone experience of these chargers and where they can be suitably earthed?


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Thursday 12th September
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So what better earth do you want than the negative battery terminal.



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Thursday 12th September
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Instructions for connecting boost starters/ jump leads/ power packs are advising against using the battery earth these days, presumably to avoid creating sparks near a gassing battery? Likewise there is a proscribed order for attachment, but ignoring that has not killed me yet...
Probably the best practice, if you're concerned, would be to make the final connection out of the footwell, ie final connection of the second lead to the remote battery/ booster.

Penelope Stopit

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Thursday 12th September
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Yes I know It's easier typed than done but

For jump starting, the best earth point is at the starter motor or the engine block as close to the starter motor as possible

Sometimes wiring positive and negative battery cables from the starter motor to home-made engine bay jump start terminal points can be of much benefit