Don`t know arse from their elbow !!!

Don`t know arse from their elbow !!!


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Friday 16th February 2001
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Usually I don`t complain much I just listen to others, but today is an exception. On Wednesday I sent an ECU for testing at LUCAS the manufacturers on a 48hr test and rebuild service. Today I telephoned them expecting it to be ready, only to be told they could not find fault with it and they still have it. Now as a TVR Engineer I am pretty sure I know a dicky ECU when I come across one and this one is a monster !!! They were supprised to learn the car runs perfect on another ECU ! Well today has worried me, if the company that is clever eneough to design and manufacture ECU`s cannot test obviously bug*ered ones, what hope does TVR`s reliability record have. A word of thought now, if you are angry your TVR seems to be taking a long time at your favorite service department, maybe don`t blame TVR but think of all the World class supliers that are behind the curtains ! P.S If you are wondering why I have taken my anger home with me... The ECU was mine!!!