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Aero 8 model history

Aero 8 model history



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Thursday 21st June 2012
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Can anyone tell me the changes that occurred from mk1 throught to mk 4 and in particular when the lights changed from vw to mini and it lost the wonky look?

Looking at cars and obviously mk4 are the newest so most expensive but maybe a mk3 is almost the same?


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Friday 22nd June 2012
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You will find everything you want to know on the Talk Morgan website. There is a specific section on the Aero.


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Monday 25th June 2012
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I have had a Mk3 and a Mk 4. The headlights switched on the Mk 3.

The Mk 1's had a selection of different roof designs and that is all I know about them. The Mk2 moved to the wider body/cabin (overall width remained the same, just the cabin widened). Better roof design as well on Mk2.

mk3 had the new headlights and then the mk4 switched from 4.4litre engine to 4.8 and offered a manual 6 speed or a 6 speed sequential box

I believe that more Mk 1 's made than any other. There were not many Mk2's, perhaps 50-60. I'm not sure how many Mk 4's. Less than Mk3's but possibly the mk2 is the rarest (apart from the 11 Aero 8 GTN's)