M3W Offer

M3W Offer



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Saturday 10th August 2019
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£3k+vat off for new orders. This is getting more tempting does anyone have a view on must have options? I see the Euro 4 has the option of making it look like a Euro 3 for about £2k.


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Monday 12th August 2019
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Don't hang about too long - the offer is to the end of Sept and there are only 20 cars on offer.

Unless you want to export the car go for a Euro 3 version which is still available (with IVA approval). Cheaper and more powerful than a Euro 4 with the Euro 3 appearance pack.

For me, the only essential option is a Stage 1 exhaust. This transforms the feel of the car and the driving experience.

After over 28,000 miles in mine I still smile every time I reach for the keys smile